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( Nov. 25th, 2008 06:45 pm)
I know, right? You all didn't think I'd ever get around to finishing them. BUT I DID.

There were 14 requests. If you made a request and haven't come by to read it, please do. I'm...pathetically needy and there is nothing more frustrating than "abandoned" drabbles. Because they belong to you.


Also? I finally replied to all the lovely, lovely comments. So, sorry for the deluge of replies. That was my lazy.
Let's get this party started! Also, help me get back to the best part of our lovely fandom - Glitch and Cain. I love other pairings like crazy (duh...), so if anyone has a burning desire for other (slash) pairings, I'll definitely fill those requests.

But - really. Glitch/Cain. *sage nod*
Whoot! Party is now complete! 5 drabbles, with these 'verses added to:

For [ profile] kseda - added to the "A. Rob Ems" stories.
For [ profile] lionille - missing scene for "When Wonderland Shatters"
For [ profile] candacestls - Update to "Common Enemy"
For [ profile] andrealyn - missing scene for "Perceptible"
For [ profile] aisarete - continuation of this previous drabble involving a lost daughter of Glitch's.

Thank you all! :D
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( Oct. 1st, 2008 06:46 am)
So, despite a tiny amount of effort, I couldn't come up with a theme for this round. Instead, I'm going to steal someone else's theme, sort of. Someone around here (who shall remain nameless for their own sanity's sake) said something about existing 'verses and I've considered that before, so this time I'm going with it for sure.

Drabbles this time around - MISSING SCENES! That is, missing scenes from my previously written fics. Such as "Tangible," "Perceptible," etc. - the longer ones that have time gaps may be easiest. The list can be found here:

Master List

We'll see how well this works out. It could be a complete disaster.
Thirty minutes into the series, Glitch meets Cain.

All drabbles will be written within a 30-minute time limit and all will be done by Sunday night (yes, that's tomorrow night). If that means I end up stopping mid-word...well, all the more fun. *giggles* So, keep that in mind when posting your prompt! :)

Characters: Glitch/Ambrose, Wyatt, Raw, Jeb. Any pairing combination except Wyatt/Jeb. Sorry, can't do it. :)

ETA: Five days till mah birthday!
A. Rob Ems’ Mechanical Toys
Rating: R (for implied sex)
Characters: Cain/Ambrose, appearances by the Queen, DG, Raw
Words: around 1,600
Summary: There’s a new toymaker in town.
A/N: For [ profile] lionille, who asked for a continuation of the drabble "Prodigy."

Tiny, delicate clicks and whirs brought to life... )
I know, I if I don't post enough Tin Man fic as it is, now I'm begging my flisters to motivate me to actually get off my ass and work on these plot bunnies that are punching me in the neck. Below is a mix of rambling ideas, brainstorms, notes and questions.

Mostly Glitch-related bunnies that need...some kicking )

Feel free to help, if you have a moment! *eyes all the Tin Man folks on the flist*
It's that time again, campers! This time around, let's mix things up a bit - theme time!

Fandom: Tin Man
Characters: Cain, Glitch, Ambrose, Raw, DG primarily; anyone else from the series may appear
Pairings: Cain/Glitch, Cain/Ambrose, Cain/Raw, Glitch/Raw, Ambrose/Raw, etc. Any combo of those.
Limitations: The usual- nothin' too extreme - no bloodplay, perm. character death, etc.

THEME: Hurt/Comfort requests only this time! That's right - I'm actually going to add yet another layer of difficulty to this whole thing! Bwahahhaha! (As if I haven't beaten them all senseless enough already...)
The request:
Cain starts getting paranoid when he sees Glitch and DG sort of "flirting". Well, he thinks it is. And yet, since he isn't WITH Glitch, having not gotten up the courage to confessed yet, he really doesn't know what to do... Make a fool of himself and confront one of them? Or just sit and mope and get more and more paranoid. :(

Miscommunication )
A new month, a new drabble request party! I had a fantastic time writing "When Wonderland Shatters" for [ profile] avari_maethor and the original idea came from one of these drabble trees. Here's to hoping inspiration leads to more awesome story ideas from you guys!

Regular rules: Tin Man fandom. Pairings may include Glitch, Ambrose, Cain, and Raw in any combination (there was a foursome in the last set of drabbles, so anything goes!). Gen is also acceptable if you wish, though where's the fun in that? :D No (permanent) death requests or things like bloodplay/vampires, etc.
I'm far too generous. No one has offered to make us a banner, so I'll make one myself.

But for now, I'm taking the fifth round of drabble requests. Tin Man. Glitch/Wyatt. Ambrose/Wyatt. Ambrose/Glitch. Glitch/Wyatt/Raw. Glitch/Raw. Wyatt/Raw. Ambrose/Raw. Ambrose/Glitch/Wyatt. Did I cover all combinations? No death, bloodplay, heavy bdsm, please. You all know my style by how.

I'm gonna go do some chores. I expect some requests when I get back.
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( May. 8th, 2008 09:52 am)
Anyone love us enough to make a pretty, shiny banner for our new layout, or know someone who would? Surreal would, of course, love a Tin Man banner, but Anndie insists on a multi-fandom one (Tin Man, SGA, SG1, Due South, Psych, Buffy and Angel (the series, not the characters), Lone Gunmen, Fastlane, Star Trek DS9, etc etc....).

My god...we have too many fandoms. Is it sad that the few above barely touches the actual list? I think we'd be happy with only a few select ones on a banner - Tin Man (Glitch/Cain), SGA (John/Rodney), Due South (Fraser/RayK), Psych (Shawn/Lassiter or Shawn/Gus). I'll be happy to find and hand over pictures to use, as well as quote selection or simple words to put on it if needed.

Depending on if anyone is willing, and which fandom you're from - I'm willing to write fic or make a vid in payment!

ETA: Anndie would be happy with a Tin Man banner, but feels that the wealth should be spread around since the twins read most things, but only one twin writes in one fandom. Anndie would also be willing to offer services in payment, but her's are more likely to be cookies or nuts.
"Annex" is finally posted and now it's time for some short, mindless madness. Though knowing me, it'll morph into uncontrollable things, as usual.

Who can play: Glitch, Ambrose, Cain, Raw, in almost any combination including threesomes. Post your requests and we'll see what happens.
It's that time again! (Yes, already.) Comment with your requests. Usual rules apply - no character death (at least not permanent), etc.

Tin Man fandom, Glitch/Cain, Ambrose/Cain. Oh, what the hell - I'll even throw Raw into the mix if someone is crazy enough to want it. :D

ETA: 4/6 - Added one more, linked at the bottom.
I'm bored and restless. In the beginning stages of another epic Cain/Glitch story but far too fussy to focus on that alone.

Bring on the requests! Same limits apply as last time: Cain/Glitch or Ambrose/Cain; please no deathfic (at least not perma-death), bloodplay, etc. I'm pretty vanilla in my abilities! Make requests in the comments and I'll do my best to give you something for your time.
I'd like to play in my new sandbox some more, get a better feel for the characters' voices. Put in your requests, prompts, etc - keep in mind I'm long-winded and you might end up with more than a drabble. *grin*

Tin Man fandom, Cain/Glitch, Cain/Ambrose slash. No death fic, bloodplay, etc please!


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