Got an email from Mike today. His episode of "Supernatural" is on TONIGHT - titled "Yellow Fever."

Tags: at coming up with a good subject line. But! Here's this from Mike Roberds to make up for it:

I have been busy, thanks. I did a couple of Christmas TV movies and an episode of Supernatural, which airs the first week of Nov. I think. It's called Yellow Fever, if you see it.

....WHOOT!!! *makes plans to set DVR for that*

I've got a callback today for a part in a new Robin Hood movie as Friar Tuck, so wish me luck.


When are we going to see you again? It's been quite a while.

He misses us! Whah!! I told him I'm planning to come up in the spring and I really, really, REALLY hope we can make it next year.

(For those who don't know who Mike Roberds is - he's the "A" in my icon, and you can look him up on IMDB. He's made of so much awesome and he hangs out with us whenever we make it to Vancouver BC.)


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