Today is the big Debbie Reynolds collection auction up in Beverly Hills (run by Profiles in History, the company featured in the SyFy channel show "Hollywood Treasures"). You can watch the auction live online here:, click on the "Live Now" flashing button on the right side. Included in the auction were three "Wizard of OZ" items:

Dorothy's blue dress/ivory blouse from the first two weeks of production (screen testing):
- Starting price: $60,000
- SOLD FOR: $910,000 (with commission, the buyer paid $1,120,000)

Original Arabian-style ruby slippers (screen test), changed when the original director left:
- Starting price: $120,000
- SOLD FOR: $510,000 (with commission, the buyer paid $627,000)

Ozmite emerald green uniform jacket:
- Starting price: $8,000
- SOLD FOR: $22,5000 (with commission, the buyer paid $27,700)

Guess it's still popular, huh? *gapes*
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( Jan. 7th, 2011 12:20 pm)
To continue the previous mention of how very lovely and gay OZ is - this is how "The Marvelous Land of OZ" ends (well, on the last page):

"I shall return with my friend the Tin Woodman," said the stuffed one, seriously. "We have decided never to be parted in the future."

\o/ CANON.
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( Jan. 5th, 2011 05:45 pm)
No, really. So, I'm in the process of reading all of the original L. Frank Baum OZ books (there are 15 'canon' books in his series). I'm on the second book, "The Marvelous Land of OZ," and while I knew going in that it was a giant Tin Woodman/Scarecrow love fest...WOW. No, really. This is possibly one of the gayest books ever written. There have been so many references to how much they love each other, their 'loving embrace' at meeting again...and Scarecrow keeps calling him "my dear Nick," which makes me giggle so much.

Today's favorite bit:

"My poor, poor friend!" said the Tin Woodman, taking up the Scarecrow's head and caressing it tenderly.

*howls with the homoerotic text of it all*
So, we had an insanely busy weekend. The short version here, more detail below the cut with PICTURES!!!!!!

SATURDAY: College football, Oregon vs. USC down here in SoCal. As Anndie and I are Oregon alumni, we HAD to go to this one. Anndie went to the ESPN Gameday broadcast in the morning and we went to the game later together (I had no interest in Gameday, plus getting up at OMGDARKTHIRTY.) Football game was epic win (Oregon wins 53-32 or some such ridiculous thing).

SUNDAY: Hair (story below), Long Beach Comic-Con (OMG see below) and Disneyland Trick-or-Treat party (SO MUCH MORE BELOW.)

Pictures, stories, GLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!! )
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( Dec. 24th, 2009 10:47 am)
Deleted reprise of "Over the Rainbow" when Dorothy was in the Witch's tower:

"Someday I'll wake and rub my eyes and in that land beyond the skies you'll find me."

~Shivers~ This fascinates me, I dunno. All these extras on the dvds are just ~amazing~.
So, Anndie got me the ULTIMATE WoO box set for Xmas - 70th anniverary, 4 discs of stuff and extra films from the Oz 'verse (pre-1939 version), and books and such. It's epic and I love it.

Anyway, I'm watching the original film to start with. And there's a few things that have caught my attention that I never really noticed before, pretty much in relation to Tin Man (of course).

One of the Tinman's lyrics from his song:
"I'd lock it with a zipper, if I only had a heart." HUH.

And the Wicked Witch's "real world" counterpart (who takes Toto) from the beginning is named Elmira Gulch. And the cop who gives DG the ticket in the diner is named Elmer Gulch. HUH.

"Don't cry now! We haven't got the oil can with us and you're squeaking enough as it is." - Scarecrow to Tinman. *snicker* Such a domestic little line.

I'm sure I'll add more thoughts as I continue watching it. Watch this space for edits. :D

EDIT: ....apparently they was a reason for Dorothy's last line to Scarecrow, "I'll miss you most of all." They originally intended to include a subplot where Dorothy and Hunk (back in Kansas) were supposed to have an "innocent romance." HUH. *hides from Keri and her 'I told you so's.'


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