As promised, I have committed vid and it's entirely [ profile] pennies_4_eyes's fault. It's like Star Wars, only in the O.Z.

Title: Tin Man Cantina
Song: Star Wars Cantina by Richard Cheese
Vidder: Surreal
Length: 3:03

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*facepalm of DOOM*

Ok, so [ profile] pennies_4_eyes wrote me a story. An awesome story that I can't begin to describe how awesome it was.

And now I'm going to vid it. Sorta.

Be afraid.
In honor of the day, I present...The Resistance. Glitch, Cain and the power of the people! This video has been planned for months and was finished in the last few days. It's my baby and I really hope you guys enjoy it!

Song: Requiem for a Dying Song by Flogging Molly
Lyrics can be found here.

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I'll start by saying this is the first video I've ever put onto YouTube (as all my others have been for convention or downloading purposes), so I really hope I've done it right!

It's a Glitch/Cain vid to a song that attacked me and wouldn't let go. It's more of an experiment, getting to know YouTube and such. Enjoy!

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