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( Mar. 23rd, 2009 05:41 pm)
(To hold the attention of my Tin Man contingent - These contain "Zero" being all cute and nerdy and kick-ass!!!!)

Every now and then, I go digging in my video folders and rewatch some of my absolute favorites. I've been in a Due South mood today. It seems a shame to watch the beautiful, heartwarming (and occasionally heartwrenching [MotB!!]) loveliness that is Ray Kowalski and Benton Fraser without sharing it. Especially that underwater kiss. *swoon* Oh, and holding hands in the alley.

So, I'm going to share four of my top favorite videos (in ANY fandom, not just Due South). Two are available for watching, two are download-only. All four are worth downloading (the last one I have on the 'puter but only found a YouTube link so far - feel free to search out a copy for download). They are all a few years old, but the quality is stunning (and as I did my MA thesis on the topic of slash videos...*grin*).

Shalott: Zebra (RayK-centric, hints of RayK/Fraser)
Watch on Imeem:
Download: (right column, middle)

Fenlings: Needful (Fraser-centric, later RayK/Fraser)

Fenlings: Fallen (RayK-centric, multiple canon pairings but ends with RayK/Fraser, as in the series)

Miruku Koohii: Midnights and Cups of Coffee ("Seasons of Love" - Rent) (Mostly RayK/Fraser, other canon pairings are included)
Watch on YouTube:
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( Aug. 15th, 2008 02:35 pm)
Canada seeks historic shipwrecks.

Yep. They're sending a team out to look for the Franklin expedition. Wonder if they'll find Ray and Fraser already there. :)


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