So, I've had this cast photo of the primary four from Diagnosis Murder for close to ten years. I picked it up at a convention because it is my guilty pleasure fandom, one that I adore to this day. Of course, I would never get the chance to get one of them to sign the photo, let alone all four.


Yeah, I'm still not sure how but on 1/24/2015, I did:

It was at the Hollywood Collectors Show, a quarterly gathering of stars and autograph collectors I've frequented over the years. When I saw that the whole cast of DM was going to be there, I was floored. There was NO WAY it would happen, right? I checked the site every day leading up to it and fully expected something to change. But no - all four of them were there and I was able to meet, nerd out with and get autographs from Charlie Schlatter, Victoria Rowell, Barry Van Dyke and Dick Van Dyke.

On the picture above, it is hard to see Vicoria's and Barry's, as they used black Sharpie but they are more visible on the actual picture.

I had a fun moment with each of them. The whole cast looked positively fantastic - healthy, gorgeous, happy and fun.

Victoria was first. I was wearing one of my Agents of SHIELD shirts that had the logo and full name written around the logo. She read the name out loud ("Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division") and just said in this hilariously awed voice, "What do you DO?!?" I asked if she was a Marvel fan and she laughed out loud, saying "Oh, you got me!" Also, she was STUNNINGLY beautiful. UGH.

Charlie was next. He was absolutely adorable and so, so hyperactive and happy. One of the pictures he had on his table was a shot from a Cheerios commercial with the Bee (he was the voice) and Grumpy Cat. Anndie pointed out the picture and he laughed, saying "I was Grumpy Cat. Nah, I'm kidding." Then he quoted his line from the spot in the Bee voice like a total nerd and it was precious.

Barry came third and he was so much more fun and playful than I was expecting. He was also shorter than expected, but he was in great shape. He put on his reading glasses and looked at the photo I handed him, studying the other signatures (Victoria and Charlie). He raised his voice, saying loudly, "I don't know where to sign, because Vicky and Charlie took up ALL THE SPACE." Victoria laughed loudly and kind of maniacally, while two tables down, Charlie just shouted back "HEY!" He make a big, loud production of "squeezing" his signature above his head next to Charlie's writing.

Finally, it was time to wait in line for Dick Van Dyke. While waiting, we watched as he playfully and happily signed autographs, joked with fans and was genuinely enjoying the chance to talk to fans. He also had his barbershop quarter with him so twice while I was there, he pulled the group over and they sang. I cannot express how lucky I feel for having the opportunity to watch him sing in person, from about ten feet away. The group sang "Jolly Holiday" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Yes, we got video of both but the new LJ video feature will not cooperate to upload the videos. I'll try to add them later, I hope! For now, a picture:

He was such a lovely man and had so much energy. He took his time while signing, smiling and being so sweet and friendly. I love that man even more than before and that's saying a lot.

I'll stop with the word vomit now and just close by saying how totally grateful I am to have finally gotten the chance to meet the cast. So have a picture of me (Surreal) with Mr. Van Dyke:


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Eeeee!!!! I've seen only seen the occasional episode, but I am just basking in the squeefulness of this post! How AWESOME!!!!


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