So, today was one of the incredibly-hard-to-get-tickets-for concerts put on by our radio station - the KROQ Weenie Roast (an annual event). This is the first year we've been able to snag tickets and oh, holy HELL was it WORTH IT.

For a mere $45 per ticket, the two of us saw these scheduled bands: Face to Face, A Day To Remember, Cage the Elephant, Bad Religion, The Strokes, Rise Against, and Linkin Park.

That alone was *insanely* worth the cost. Duh. (The last five are among my all-time favorite bands). There were several smaller bands playing on a secondary stage earlier in the day but we didn't go see them.

So, you'd think that those bands would be enough? Apparently not. Because Rise Against ended at 9 and Linkin Park wasn't scheduled until 9:30. So, we're thinking, a little intermission? We turn to head to a different section (we were on the lawn seating, no assigned seats). Then we hear this very familiar thumping coming from the dark stage. I looked at Anndie and said, "That's not Linkin Park." We both squinted and screamed something obscene.


Yeah. So, Foo Fighters were a surprise guest and played for over an hour. It was beyond amazing. Because seriously? FOO FIGHTERS.

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